Liverpool fan Sean Cox returns home almost two yea

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Liverpool fan Sean Cox returns home almost two yea

Liverpool fan Sean Cox has finally returned home almost two years after suffering life-changing injuries in an attack by a Roma supporter outside Anfield,谷歌市值破万亿美元,谁是背地“操盘者”?.

Cox's wife Martina says he has made another "important step" in his recovery since the incident on April 24, 2018, which left him in a coma for almost three months.

The Irishman had recently been receiving treatment at a Dublin hospital after initially spending time at the Walton Centre in Liverpool and other medical institutions in England and Ireland, according to the Liverpool Echo.

A post on the Support Sean Cox Facebook page on Friday,分析人士看好英镑前景 料央行降息不会妨害英镑上行,最后的‘无赖派’ 依田纪基的惊天趣事, which included a picture of him holding a glass with his family, confirmed that "for the first time in almost two years,三大股指齐冲高,美股市场还能“牛”多久?, the Cox family are finally reunited under one roof as Sean makes a long-awaited and welcome return to his home in Dunboyne".

His wife Martina is quoted as saying: "This is a day we as a family have been looking forward to for a long time. While Sean still has a long road to travel,汉文化游园热度不减,南翔公民的这次元宵味有点浓, having him home with us is an incredibly important step as we come together as a family unit again.

"I can't thank enough those who have helped Sean along the way over the past two years,竞彩大势:墨胜利前锋克鲁泽回归 格雷米奥状态佳. Without a doubt this support has made today possible.